Computer running slow? Not turning on or just acting strange? We’ve got your back! We are experts at cleaning out malware and optimizing your computer. Even if your computer is broken to the point where it doesn’t turn on, we can probably recover the data for you!

If it’s time for a new computer, you can trust C3Techs to migrate all of your old files to the new machine and get you up and running with speed.

If you have a computer that is relatively old, feel free to bring it in to be assessed. Though the decision is yours, we are happy to give your advice on the best route to take whether it’s an upgrade, a cleaning or if we think it’s time for a new computer.

Come into the store and see everything we have to offer from Virtual Reality Headsets with Controllers and Game Pads to All-In-One Computers!

You can come check out the Android TV Boxes that are optimal for running Kodi.. you may cancel your TV service!

We have a multitude of cables, memory cards and adapters for your cell phone, computer and car!

Come and see our Business Class Laptops and Desktop Computers or simply check out what upgrades could be available to you.

Our specialty is something called Managed Services Platforms(MSP). MSP is something that allows us the ability to make sure your business technology keeps running without interruptions. MSP allows us to monitor your computers and/or servers at all times. This ensures that your backups are successful, your server is running, and that there are no security issues or malicious infections or prying eyes on your network.

We can hook you up with Servers, Client Machines and set everything up for you! From start to finish, C3Techs will be with you the whole way. We can take care of the routers, printers, cabling and security so you breathe easy knowing that it’s taken care of.

We do Security Cameras, WiFi Range Boosters, Data Migration and Managed Service Platforms. Not to mention the personal touch of having a small business manage your technology instead of being just a number to a big corporation.

We carry all sorts of equipment and ideas to optimize your home network for the best speeds possible. We carry an array of Routers and Network Switches to custom fit your situation. We can splice cables to the perfect size, reducing cluster and we’ll set up your file sharing system for speed and reliability.
Whether you want a bit of added security by encrypting your hard drive or you need a full surveillance system setup.. We’ve got you covered!

We custom order the cameras and equipment needed for your property. That way we get the best possibly surveillance solution for you. We can set the system up with a DVR that handles the security system or we can do it without a DVR, making the cameras view-able on your computers. We also have the ability to set the cameras up wireless so that you only need to run power.

Have you ever wanted your business name as your email address instead of, ect..?

C3Techs can custom host your e-mail so that it shows up like this:
Just like this one!

We also build and host websites! C3Techs is a great way to get your first website online, or to get much needed changes done on your existing website.
C3Techs will work hand-in-hand with you to make the perfect website exactly how you want it. Short on ideas? We have tons of templates that you can choose from that range from basic to super fancy!